Lori H

Ethan's soothing voice, calm tone, and demeanor made it easy for me to relax and allow the process to unfold. He easily guided me to and through everything in a way that kept me feeling safe and secure, yet still providing the space required for the events I needed to see to present themselves. Nothing was coaxed or forced, just authentic and flowing. Such an amazing, profound experience! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Ethan should absolutely do so. Don't hesitate for even a moment! The gifts that he has to offer will be a game changer for anyone wise enough to accept them.

Jenny B

Ethan is an experienced QHHT Practitioner who conducted my session in a very soothing, calm and respectful manner. It felt as if I had known him for years and we were having a chat over coffee. He was able to guide me in my session so that I received incredible information from my Higher Self. As a fellow QHHT Practitioner, I can highly recommend him for his skill and the application of the QHHT principles in a session. Ethan was flawless and my recording of the session is priceless. 

Bryan A

OMG! What an amazing experience. First I want to start by saying Ethan was so important to the process. His calm and soothing demeanor allows you to relax and let the process happen. I was able to access a past life which was so incredible. I also was able to tap into my higher self and get answers to some questions I needed guidance on. I recommend Quantum Healing Hypnosis to anyone open to the process and I encourage you to use Ethan as a guide as he is so effective!

Dena C

My QHHT session with Ethan was very important for me. He is very gifted and knowledgeable. He made me feel very comfortable and in good hands. My subconscious stayed in my current lifetime for this session. It became very clear that I was stuck on specific things that I would need to let go of in order to go deeper in my healing and move forward in my purpose. I am also grateful for the recording of the session which I have already reviewed and benefited from.

Hadley H

Ethan was exceptional. He made me feel well taken care of and that I was in the right hands the entire process. He delivered well and allowed me to find the needed answers to questions I have been pondering a lot recently. I am extremely grateful for this experience and recommend it and him to anyone. He was extremely professional and allowed for the experience to go smoothly. I was hesitant at first but Ethan made me feel comfortable and gave me ease in assuring the process would work. 11/10 - Please look into him it is extremely fulfilling and well worth it!!

Lisa A

Ethan is just one of those magical beings. everything he does comes directly from the heart. I would highly recommend a session with him. Your QHHT session with Ethan will be the single most life-changing decision you will make. 


Melissa P

My session with Ethan has been eye-opening and effective in making some necessary changes in my life. Listening to our session, he asked great questions, was patient, and has calm soothing energy. If you have wanted to try QHHT and you are nervous about it, I would recommend Ethan as he makes you feel completely safe and relaxed!

Rob H

I am proud to know Ethan beyond QHHT. I know that he is doing an amazing job at developing a phenomenal skill. In my session, Ethan gently led me through the endless list of questions that I submitted to him. We discussed the questions one at a time before the session. I was totally comfortable with Ethan. He was extremely patient with me at all times. He asked the right questions to move me to a relaxed state. He helped me let go when I was stuck. I loved the experience and know that as he gains more practice, he will become an even more phenomenal healer. He is driven to and destined to do many amazing things.


5 stars don't seem like enough. I had a QHHT session with Ethan on a whim. WOW! What an amazing experience. Ethan is caring, open, accepting, and easy to talk to. The experience was life-changing and I left feeling relaxed and happy but the true testament came as I went about my normal routine and things that were stressful or irritating in the past no longer seemed stressful or irritating. Just the opposite actually. I felt open and curious and accepting. I also value the insight that came out of the session - so much wisdom - so much to think about and process. Ethan is a Master! 

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