Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Basic Information

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ is a journey through consciousness entirely orchestrated by a force superior to us. In a QHHT® session, you will experience a past life regression (If you don't believe in past lives that's fine, the technique will still work just as effectively, and we can call this part a story.) then once we have moved into conversation with your subconscious we will discover why you were shown those scenes. After, we will address all you questions and healing.

Session Itinerary

Before the session, you will work on a list of questions for your subconscious. These questions can include anything that you are dealing with, the most common will fall under the following categories; Health/Healing - Purpose/Career - Relationships - Location - Spirituality/Self - Finances/Career - Unusual or Synchronistic Events. You must bring a hard copy of your questions to your session.

During the session, there will be 3 different parts. First, we will start in conversation, just talking. This helps me get a good idea of who you are and what you have been through, giving me context around the list of questions you have for your subconscious. This ensures that everything will be covered and we will get extensive answers to your questions! Then, we will be in hypnosis where you will experience extreme relaxation and comfort, this is when we will be able to access your subconscious and get the answers to your questions. The hypnosis is recorded and you will leave my office with a copy of it. It's extremely important for you to listen to the recording as much as you can. This reinforces the healing and acts as a tool helping with introspection and reflection. Concluding your session we will debrief just a little bit and then you will continue on your path with so much clarity.

QHHT® and Healing*

Once the Subconscious (SC) has been contacted during a QHHT® session, the QHHT® Practitioner asks it to identify and explain the cause behind any problem, and then asks the SC if it is permissible and possible to heal the condition. If the SC agrees, healing is immediate, without discomfort, medication or surgery. In many cases, once the SC reveals the source of the ailment or psychological problem, a release occurs in the subject's body and mind, and the patient is freed form their condition.

Many of Dolores Cannon's thousands of clients and subjects were healed in this seemingly miraculous manner and wrote to her to over the years to thank her. That is why she began teaching QHHT® in 2002, to share it with others so that they could continue the practice and in turn help as many people as possible. In 2013, her Level 1 QHHT® Class became available online to learn anywhere and at any time.

In all cases, before healing can occur, an individual must want to be cured. The healing also cannot interfere with the lessons of their present life or the contracts they made before incarnating. Our souls are eternal and we come to Earth to grow and learn lessons through individual experiences. An example of a conflict in healing could be the Subconscious not agreeing to restore the sight of a blind person if that was one of the lessons they agreed to learn before incarnating in their present life.

The Subconscious also adheres to a literal approach regarding healing. If a subject is experiencing a condition that is the result of abuse or lack of care for their body, and the person has taken no action to correct this and has no desire to change, the Subconscious is aware. Its logic will dictate that there is no point in healing the condition if the subject is just going to resume abusing the body once it is healed.

Following are examples of the extraordinary results Dolores Cannon and her QHHT® Practitioners alike have experienced with clients and subjects during their sessions:

Cancer - various types at various stages cleared

Cartilage - reconstruction between joints

HIV - cleared and eradicated

Heart - healed with no surgery required

Liver - fully functional regeneration and restoration

Kidney - fully functional regeneration and restoration

Wounds - regeneration with no scarring

Migraines -root causes explained and removed

Vision - 20/20 eyesight restored with no need corrective vision

Diabetes - causes explained and cleared

Intestines - conditions cleared

Back - middle and lower area problems cleared

Neck/Shoulder - pain identified and causes cleared

Lungs - problems identified and cleared

Skin - problems identified and cleared

Everything is possible with Dolores Cannon's proven method of hypnosis: QHHT®.


If you have any questions what-so-ever, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am available via email, text, or call.


*Content is an excerpt from www.qhhtofficial.com