Heart Coherence


Anchoring in Unconditional Love is inevitable while walking the path of self-mastery. However, it is essential to remember: A distorted perception of Unconditional Love can quickly lead us down the path of deception and co-dependence. 

So, where do we start?

By sharing a bit about my journey (specifically regarding reconnecting with my Divinity), I hope you will gather insight and valuable tools to help you do the same!
We are all conditioned by society to have certain expectations, which affects our lives in its totality. Reconnecting with the unconditioned aspect of self (or the inner-child) is a fast track to reclaiming our Divinity and leads to an abundance of Divine Love, Bliss, Neutrality, and the unsuppressed expression of our True-Self (or what I call the God-Self).

The Inner Child
The inner-child is the purest, most innocent, and unconditioned connection we have to the Divine blueprint. We are all capable of reconnecting and forming an intimate relationship with our inner child. The meditation I have attached below is a great tool to help you have an initial experience with your inner child. In addition to being introduced to the inner-child in this meditation: you will also integrate the Divine Father and Divine Mother templates. (Click here to view the meditation!)

We're all human, and we all have a past. Each of us is bound to experience situations that trigger us and knock us off-center from time to time. The question is: When triggered, how do we respond? Do we express an impulsive reaction, or do we take a breath and choose to respond consciously?

Ethan's Personal Protocol
1. When I first perceive a trigger, I begin silently repeating the Ho'oponopono mantra. (Ho Ľoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.) The mantra is: "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you!" I use the variation: "I love you, I'm sorry, and I let go..." I recommend you play around with it and make it personal. This way it will be most useful for you!

2. Then, before responding to a perceived trigger: I pause and take a deep breath. Doing this quickly disarms our habitual fight or flight response, helping us return to a more peaceful state of mind. While doing this, I call in the aspect of myself most equipped to deal with the situation at hand. Example: "I am calling in my most Ascended/Master Self to direct me in this now. Thank you!"

3. Now, while standing in our Divinity, we can express our vulnerabilities. How are you feeling? If you are in a situation where the other individual(s) will not be receptive to your vulnerability and your best interest is not being considered, give yourself permission to excuse yourself from the situation. Example: "I'm feeling _________(emotion)" and explain or "I need to take a few minutes to calm down and think about how I am feeling."

4. If you are still feeling an emotional/energetic disturbance after doing all the above, I recommend sitting with the emotion you are experiencing. Be patient with yourself and share your pure awareness with whatever arises. Once I pinpoint the emotion, I then ask the emotion to take me back to the first time I have ever experienced it. The emotion I'm working with is always associated with childhood or a time before then (it may be different for you.) Now, it's your turn to be that unconditionally loving and disciplined parent to the child or aspect experiencing the emotion being addressed. If you're experiencing feelings of abandonment, tell that child you will NEVER abandon them. If you're experiencing feelings of unworthiness, tell that child you will do what it takes to help them feel worthy because they deserve it.

This is how we will reclaim our wholeness and Divinity.