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Welcome to Sacred Soul Works

Welcome to Sacred Soul Works! Meet Owner and Practitioner: Ethan Rymiszewski. He is dedicated to helping people align with their greatest version; this leads to a clear understanding of ones past, present, and future. After we grasp this greater level of understanding: everything else in our life begins to come together like a puzzle.

Holistic Services

Addressing the physical, emotional, and energetic.


Ethan Rymiszewski recognizes that confidential information may be relayed during his sessions. He will not disclose this information to anyone without the specific written approval of the client unless he is required to do so by law.

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Group Regression - February 17th, 2020 - 7 PM-9 PM

Group Regression - March 23rd, 2020 - 7 PM-9 PM


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"I went into my session with Ethan not knowing exactly what to expect. I'd been let down so many times before with other various means of self-help treatments, I think I was afraid to get my hopes up too high. Yet, even before our appointment, there were so many signs directing me toward this path and to my experience with Quantum Healing Hypnosis under Ethan's guidance. Ethan was kind, he was thorough, and he made sure prior to the session starting that all of my questions, misconceptions, reservations, etc. had been addressed so that I could finally allow myself to heal from the past hurts my soul still held on to.

The session not only helped heal deep-rooted memories I had not been aware of, but it opened my perception up to an entire new realm of existence that I have always dismissed up to that point. Since my appointment, I have continued to expand my consciousness and further removed additional limiting beliefs that have kept me from exploring the true meaning of our existence. It's was not only life-changing, it was 100 % transformational and I will forever be grateful that I was given this amazing opportunity!

I want to thank you, Ethan, from the bottom of my heart! May God continue to bless you in all that you do because you are a gift to us all!"

-Christina Adams