Hello and Welcome!

Like you, I grew up in a world where many people were hypnotized by emotion. Being raised in a world where this was the societal norm: I was programmed with the same thoughts and beliefs that caused the overstimulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (or HPA axis). WHAT?* The HPA axis translates our perception of a threat into a neurobiochemical secretion (creating emotion reactions).

On Earth, the governing law is the Law of Attraction; meaning our thoughts create. Many go through their day experiencing dense (or "negative") emotions that cause pain, suffering, and separation - with the absence of the awareness that one's own thoughts are creating this. As you begin to realign with your True-Self, awareness increases, which gives you the opportunity to catch your thoughts (or impulses,) and edit them. 

As we more firmly grasp neutrality; by monitoring our thoughts and integrating our fragmented aspects, we concurrently begin to experience our True-Self (or our limitlessness). This edition of self allows for an optimal experience of reality, as this is when we begin to express and extend Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Bliss, and Compassion to our self and others.

We're on this journey together and the destination is wholeness. Are you getting tired of feeling powerless? I know I resisted returning to my True-Self for a long time however, resistance requires more energy than surrendering, and I was getting tired. Now, here I am - excited for you to join us. Give yourself permission to end the suffering, you deserve this, you deserve love. All you must do is make the choice.

Ethan Rymiszewski, B.Msc.

*The HPA axis plays key roles in basal homeostasis (or energy inflow and energy outflow) and in the body's response to stress. The major pathway of the axis results in the production and secretion of cortisol.